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As assets, hotels can offer attractive returns and a safe long-term investment – whatever form of ownership. Investing in hotels, however, calls for a firm grasp of the distinctive characteristics of both hotel operation and real estate.
RODSCHINSON’s specialist hotel teams support owner-operators, institutional and private investors and financing organisations throughout the hotel investment cycle. They are drawn from hotel industry and investment professionals, with solid operational and financial understanding as well as experience covering the many types of hotel ownership: freehold property and business, whether covered by a management contract, lease management contract or franchise agreement or not, property held on a commercial lease (fixed rent or turnover-indexed rent) and management of the business only as a hotel operator.
Real estate outsourcing by hotel groups in recent years has led to major sale and leaseback, sale and management back, sale and franchise or lease-and-manage back operations. As a consequence, hotel property has been divided among different stakeholders, who have in turn become specialists.

A wide range of advice

  • Sales and acquisition (including hotel portfolios)
  • Search and selection of operators/hotel chains
  • Contract negotiations (management and lease)
  • Market and feasibility studies
  • Hotel asset management
  • Valuations


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