Due Diligence

A business acquisition is never risk free. It is crucial that you be aware of all the risks and opportunities that come with an acquisition. Our due diligence process helps analyze all the risks and opportunities of your projects and provides you with lasting advice on the proposed transaction. Due diligence helps you make an informed decision.



Independent due diligence reassures both the buyer and the seller. While the latter fulfills its obligation to disclose essential information, the acquirer fulfills its obligation to examine. The due diligence also assesses the usefulness and reliability of the information provided, makes judgments on the basis of assumptions and forecasts, and provides an inventory of opportunities, risks and added value.

Due diligence reports

In the end, will the acquisition take place through the purchase of shares or an asset sale? We make recommendations to help you choose the most appropriate recovery structure and liquidation mechanisms. In addition, the due diligence report is an instrument used to report to financial institutions and lenders.


Our findings are presented in a clear, transparent and relevant report, accompanied by an executive summary.

This report can then lead to a revision of the acquisition price.


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