Services for Mergers & Acquisition

Rodschinson Investment assists and advises company shareholders in M&A transactions (Mergers & Acquisitions), during all stages of the transaction. Our experts provide professional support tailored to the needs of our clients, guaranteeing a smooth transaction and the satisfaction of all parties involved.


What we provide you with:

unrivalled expertise 

When you entrust your projects to Rodschinson Investment, in return, we give you approved expertise, complete knowledge of global standards and applicable international laws, an impeccable reputation, and a solid network.

exceptional networkING

Thanks to our international network, we maintain close relationships with high-calibre investors who have high financial capacity and may either be strategic partners or potential buyers.

Smart professionals

Our team of business experts are familiar with all aspects of M&A transactions and the various difficulties that can arise in the transaction process. With us, you will optimize your success.


  • Due Diligence

    Due Diligence

    While a company buyout presents many opportunities, there are also risks involved. , Rodschinson Investment's auditors will facilitate your decision making by thoroughly examining the development of potential and the assessment of risks that could result from the acquisition of the target project.

    It is essential that due diligence be carried out in a completely independent manner in order to guarantee the reliability of the results. We take into account the extremely complex and unpredictable nature of M&A transactions, and provide e fully detailed analysis to our clients. This minimises the scope for financial or strategic errors by stakeholders. 

    At the end of the financial and structural audit, our experts will issue an exhaustive report that clearly summarises the situation, potential opportunities, and possible risks, along with recommendations that can help you in your strategic choices. The due diligence report is also a tool that can be used to communicate with donors and financial institutions. 

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  • Turnaround & Restructuring

    Turnaround & Restructuring

    It is not easy to establish a favourable climate for growth in a struggling company. It is the responsibility of management to take prompt action to preserve the value of their company, assess short and medium term cash requirements, and reduce the risk of financial instability. 

    Rodschinson Investment's turnaround and restructuring experts advise and assist shareholders, lenders, and entrepreneurs with planning challenges, implementation of restructuring plans, and establishing new sustainable organizational processes in order to stabilize the company's financial position. 

    Our expert opinion is only the beginning. We also take the responsibility of accompanying you through the changes implemented in order to optimize the success of your turnaround project. Simply put, Rodschinson offers you turnkey service. Everything from the analysis of the initial situation to completion of the deal, including follow-up of  the corrective measures which the clients chose to adopt.  

    Our analysis reports, conducted and produced by an experienced panel are in fact essential management tools for any company concerned with ensuring its development over time.. Considering the current economic situation, characterized by an unstable climate and increasingly complex connections, these  studies will allow you to identify the elements that could, if not perfectly controlled, put your company's profitability at risk. Rodschinson’s goal is to help our clients avoid possible financial threats even after the conclusion of the current project.   

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  • Tax Optimisation

    Tax Optimisation

    A pro-active manager constantly seeks to defend the interests of his company by minimising costs, reducing risks, and optimising profit margins.

    Taxation is one of the most complex areas of business life. The decisions relating to it can affect the company’s entire future.

    Rodschinson's teams are therefore composed of experts from highly specialized fields, including financial analysts, and tax specialists Chartered accountants provide you with sound advice that will help you anticipate your company’s future challenges and strengthen your current status by optimizing measures in compliance with the current tax laws.

    Endowed with exceptional expertise in various sectors of activity, and with impeccable mastery of international tax standards, our experts are able to fully understand the specificities of your company. We will offer you a range of solutions corresponding to your objectives and needs.

    Whether it is a question of VAT, tax niches, or potential exemptions, we are at your service to ensure that you make an informed decision that will lead to positive results for the long-term survival of your company.

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