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Buying or selling a business is a very sensitive decision that will have a significant impact on your entrepreneurial future. It must be planned and professionally assisted. 

In fact, it is important to know how to evaluate the scope of the action and the investment required to achieve the expected objectives and to know how to define the contractual terms, the terms and the nature of the agreement between the stakeholders.  

Since its creation, Rodschinson Investment has accompanied several hundred entrepreneurs in the acquisitions and mergers.

With our know-how, we have always been able to preserve the interests of our clients while guaranteeing the creation of added value for all the actors involved in the process.   

We not only assist our clients in the execution of M&A transactions, we also advise them upstream on the various possibilities available to them and on the most relevant financial conditions. Then we help them to implement strategies that are perfectly adapted to their needs and strategic orientations and to put in place flawless action plans. Discretion and confidentiality are essential ingredients for us, which we respect throughout the transactions. 

We offer our clients a rigorous approach to M & A operations and bring our expertise to every key step in the following areas:
Acquisition Strategy
We work alongside companies to determine where to invest and where to divest based on different metrics.
Target Analysis
We work to improve the flow of M & A transactions by analyzing targets based on specific criteria contained in the strategic acquisition method. Finally, we develop a plan to approach the targets.
Strategic due diligence (or strategic pre-operation analysis)
We develop perspectives based on leading analyzes to approve -or not- the investment thesis by realistically assessing synergies and drawing early on integration plan.
Post-acquisition integration
To make a M & A transaction profitable, you need to build a short list of essential actions.
Joint ventures and alliances
Rodschinson assists its clients in the different stages of joint venture operations: strategy development, partner selection and implementation.
Disposal and company splitting
Rodschinson assists its clients in managing their portfolio and helps them decide where to grow and where to downsize. When some companies intentionally separate assets outside their field of activity or split up an organization, they allow their management to focus more on their core business, creating value for shareholders.

M&A Services

Strategic Due Diligence

Strategic Due Diligence

We develop perspectives based on leading analyzes to approve -or not- the investment thesis by realistically assessing synergies and drawing early on integration plan.

Recovery & Restructuring

When your business is struggling, you want to take the right steps to improve your performance and create a climate that is conducive to growth. You must make decisions quickly. Having a trusted advisor at your side who knows your business well can make all the difference.

Tax Optimisation

Being a business owner requires making important decisions about your company's taxation and these decisions can weigh heavily on the future of your business. Expert in corporate taxation, RODSCHINSON offers you personalized advice to help you anticipate the risks and opportunities available to you.

Rodschinson's experts are constantly listening to your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information on these services.

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