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Rodschinson Investment Group is an international Company specialized in mergers & acquisitions of corporate entities and capital raising related to various sectors of activities. Our firm is also strongly involved in large Real Estate projects around the world.

Rodschinson gives its best to comply with local regulations & decrees considering safety preservation of our staff, employees & customers.

Although we are going through a challenging sanitary period, we anticipate the fast incoming rebounce of activity by strengthening our teams to assist our clients in their next real estate and financial decisions.

Rodschinson is launching new business units as well as new brands related to mergers/acquisitions of professional real estate assets (hotels, hospitals etc.) as well as a few of new subsidiaries and brands such as 3) private real estate assets (houses, apartments).

In order to organize the full process of sales until conclusion of deals, we are looking for several senior experts / advisors / consultants / coaches in Real Estate with proven track records in different fields:

  • Sales process for a typical asset
  • Valuation methods for a typical asset
  • Online and offline marketing strategy for different types of assets

Based on your track record and targeted experience in the above mentioned, we may offer you a collaboration on a regular or punctual assignment, for short- or long-term basis, for a limited or permanent external advisor position.


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Subject: Sales Expert
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