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Rodschinson's Careers
Rodschinson is a privileged intermediary of international investors. Being a part of our network and business offices can unlock a full world of opportunities.
Excellence is our motto. We constantly thrive according to the most demanding standards. Therefore, we gather some of the best talents and grow them into unmatched business experts.

Recruitment is an Art

We meticulously strive to find the most talented and committed candidates,
as the missions they will assume will lead to profound
and long lasting results in the economic and finance realms.
Rodschinson Careers recruitment meeting
On top of their high Professional potential and taste for Excellence,

Rodschinson expects from its entering collaborators a few specific qualities

Outstanding Ethics
We always put our clients’ interests first. Ethics, loyalty, and integrity are our core values which transcend all our actions and behaviours regarding our clients and partners, in addition to our in-house relationships.
Developed Intelligence
In a constant changing environment, our collaborators must embody an assessed general culture hygiene.
For Rodschinson, proactiveness means the ability to catch market opportunities, take the right decisions and undertake meaningful actions, ate appropriate moments.
People Skills
We serve some of the most demanding investors in the world. Knowing how to murture strong ties with our partners, and broaden their quality, is one of the key wanted skills of our business.
We deeply believe ambition is the genesis of every success. At Rodschinson, we aspire to reunite people who know how to establish targets, and realise their full potential to reach the point.

How to Join us

We view each step of our talents' recruitment process as a milestone. Accordingly, we carefully watch to be sure  the process runs smoothly.

In order to foster your chances to stand out with your application, we encourage you to get acquainted with the following best practices.

  • Take time to familiarize with us

    Dedication to the study of our firm is a crucial start for our incoming collaborators, as they discover our story, our culture, our values, and our activities. Our website is a major channel to get informed about our departments locations and offices, the services we provide, updates from our divisions, and career opportunities. We also interact with our community through our social media channels. We currently use Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook & Youtube.
  • Apply to the most relevant position for your profile

    Choose the position within our offers that best fits your profile and can sharpen your expertise. Observe each position’s details and requirements. We also accept unsolicited applications, if you feel that your skills would be an asset to Rodschinson. Please mention your educational background and professional achievements through our online application form.
  • Carefully review your resume

    Your resume must show your taste for excellence. Check it to be neat, updated, properly designed, and free of translation weaknesses.Offer an accurate overview of the skills you will need for the position you apply for. Join a cover letter which explains your motivations about being a teammate at Rodschinson Investment.

We would like to thank you for your interest in Rodschinson Investment
and we wish you a fulfilling journey on your path towards Excellence !

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