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Technology exponentially increase the amount of game-changing innovations all around and the Real Estate Markets make no exception to this rule. The Chief Economist Office is constantly monitoring the various tech trends to identify which of the so-called "disrupters" will affect the markets in the long run. Our Digital Media Workflows Engineering & Marketing Team brings it's long lasting experience to the table to advise our demanding customers about regulations and opportunities offered by digital, from construction management through drones, softwares for investment and project management processes, or digitalization of buildings along the repurposing process.
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TECHWATCH : Live Streaming & Remote Socialization by Clubs & Restaurants

Worldwide livestreaming market is forecasted to hit $60 billion by 2026, almost double from the $32 billion size in 2017. Humans are social animals and, come what may, will try and socialize – we can’t fight millions of years of evolution just like that. Plus, resilience is an ingrained human trait. Although cowed down under the initial onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, the social humans made a comeback via multiple channels. 

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TECHWATCH : Impact of Use of Drones for Last Mile Delivery

Expected to clock an impressive $1.2 billion by 2020 and expand at a 20% CAGR between 2019 and 2022, the market for commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is getting pushed upwards by their increasing use for quicker, cheaper, and more eco-friendly delivery of goods. 

Drone is the name by which we know the UAVs and everybody’s talking of them since Amazon decided to use them for parcel delivery. By no means is Amazon the only exponent. DHL, Google, Skycart, Matternet, Flirtey, and Zipline have got onboard or are in the process.  

drones, eco-friendly, delivery, logistics, last mile delivery, UAV's, amazon, dhl, google, TECHWATCH, innovation

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TECHWATCH : Impact of Technology on Real Estate Yield Business

real estate, yield business, technology, space as a service, assets, data, mobile apps, internet of things, TECHWATCH, innovation

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TECHWATCH : Impact of Technology on Medical Estate Activities

At the focal point of the impact of technology on activities in the healthcare and medical estate sector are data management and communication. Unified storage of all patient data and making it accessible to the relevant medical professional quickly and easily enables better treatment. Big Data, Electronic Medical Records, and Dedicated Mobile Apps are useful here. Tele-health or Telemedicine, also called Remote Medicine, is a boon for patients living in remote or rural areas, miles away from the nearest specialist. Record keeping and data security acquire paramount importance in such a setting and this is where the significance of Blockchain Technology comes into play

technology, medical estate, big data, electronic, medical records, dedicated mobile apps, tele-health, telemedicine , TECHWATCH, innovation

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