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Has the Electric Vehicule Technology come into its own?

At some point, viable innovations gather the momentum necessary to barge in and occupy centre stage. Developments such as semi-autonomous electric trucks and the Clean Vehicle Directive are speeding up the odyssey of the electric vehicle (EV) technology to this critical point at a pace faster than we seem to think.

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POST-COVID Residential property Boom away from Urban Centers

While rustic charm has always lured the prosperous into having a second home in villages, the ruralisation wave in the wave of the COVID-19 lockdown could turn things on their head. The wealthy might accord secondary status to their city dwelling. It is unclear, though if this trend is cyclical or structural. Plus, there are the local-versus-visitor tensions to deal with.

“What is this life full of care?

We have no time to stand and stare.”

William H Davies in Leisure, 1911

Rural Resurrection in the Making?

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