Corona Impact Series
Coronavirus challenged all of us. By many aspects, the unforecasted pandemic and confinement regulations has forced investors to reorganize their priorities way more than the previous similar global event H1N1. For some obvious reasons, many sectors will suffer, at least at first, from this situation, before recovery to happen, and probably some repurposings to expect. Some will benefit from it, and yet have began... In this Corona-Impact series, our Chief Economist Officers will analyse the tendancies and bring you, as usual, an accurate digest of market watch and case studies.
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CORONA-Impact: Senior Living and Care Facilities

corona-impact, covid-19, senior living , care facilities, chief economist brief

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CORONA-Impact: Prudent optimism for Family Offices

corona-impact, covid-19, family offices, chief economist brief

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CORONA-Impact: Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) flexible and resilient, but challenged

With over 400 million Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across the world employing 60-70% of the global workforce, economic recovery is possible only by factoring them in. Many governments have already started acting in this direction in order to prevent fall in employment and incomes. While some of these measures focus on delivering immediate relief, others are long term in nature and direct SMEs towards better integration with the realities of a changed economic-geographical scenario. Considering that the relatively limited resources of SMEs – funds, workforce skills, technology – they are more exposed to the shocks imparted by the COVID-19 pandemic. M&A activity in the SME sector will be on hold as they find their way out of the challenging situation. 

corona-impact, sme, m&a, chief economist brief

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CORONA-Impact: For Private Equity, history repeats and markets learned from it

Private Equity (PE) is sitting atop $2.5 trillion dry powder in the form of uncalled capital, including $800 billion in buyouts. As valuations fall in the wake of the lockdown, General Partners (GPs) have to channelize these funds. Plus, the companies with dropped valuations have excellent fundamentals. Banks’ reluctant to lend make Private Equity a preferred investor. Legal and valuation uncertainties can slow down the forward march of the Private Equity sector as can inflation-inspired interest rate hikes, falling returns, and the reluctance of Limited Partners (LPs) to allot funds to an already expanding component of their portfolio

corona-impact, private equity , chief economist brief

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