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Coronavirus challenged all of us. By many aspects, the unforecasted pandemic and confinement regulations has forced investors to reorganize their priorities way more than the previous similar global event H1N1. For some obvious reasons, many sectors will suffer, at least at first, from this situation, before recovery to happen, and probably some repurposings to expect. Some will benefit from it, and yet have began... In this Corona-Impact series, our Chief Economist Officers will analyse the tendancies and bring you, as usual, an accurate digest of market watch and case studies.

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From your office to your terrace, or even if your terrace is actually your office... Stay up to date to the latest market trends of property investment and opportunities : our Chief Economist never sleeps when we talk about markets watch.

Tech & Real Estate Trends

From Augmented reality for confined remote visits to 3D printing of buildings in weeks... Technology brings a lot of opportunities, and fantasy too. Our Analysts decodes for you facts, fiction and real trends that will consistantly affect the markets for the incoming generations. Any Idea of a topic to analyse? Just drop us a comment on social networks, our team will investigate and you may be the guest of our next insight report!

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COVID-19 Research: Finally a vaccine? What we know so far

COVID-19 Research: Finally a vaccine? What we know so far

Have we finally got an antivirus for Covid-19? 

It seems like we’re nearly there. The quest for a covid-19 vaccine has seen significant progress with the announcement of effective results yesterday, after an intense race to vaccine development against the disease since January 2020. Some recent findings published on November 9th show a vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech to be more than 90% effective in preventing COVID-19. 

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They say change is inevitable, and the whirlwind arrival of COVID-19 proved once again that humans can't are no exception to this universal decree. Before the coronavirus, some of the key factors that were driving the F&B industry included higher disposable income, the buzz of experience economy among Millennials and Gen Z, and the increased use of technology in all areas of hospitality.

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COVID-19 & SENIOR HOUSING: How is the sector dealing with the largest occupancy drop on record?

COVID-19 & SENIOR HOUSING: How is the sector dealing with the largest occupancy drop on record?
The latest report has just dropped, senior living sees largest occupancy drop on record, according to data released October 15 by the National Investment Center (NIC) for Seniors Housing & Care. How is the sector dealing with this occupancy drop? What other challenges is the sector confronting? And what are the new measures taken to face it?  

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