Capital Markets

Real estate capital marketers are becoming increasingly diversified. Sales, Acquisitions, Financing and M&A Strategies call for a combination of global vision and comprehensive local expertise, plus a complete understanding and expert knowledge of the sources of capital funding worldwide.

Be they private, institutional or public, investors in search of office, industrial, retail, hotel or residential assets require:

  • A comprehensive vision and understanding of the local, national and international property markets
  • Seamless execution and tight timeline management
  • Optimised return on their investment
  • Full support in all property, financial, legal and fiscal matters
  • Expert structuring of investment vehicles
  • Professional debt and financing advice

RODSCHINSON Capital Markets supports national and international property investors, advising on investment and on disposing of portfolios or single assets, and offering expertise to cover both the property side of the equation and the financing and structuring side. RODSCHINSON services include:
  • Market analysis
  • Investment strategies: portfolio analysis, arbitrage recommendations, fund positioning and structuring
  • Asset redevelopment consulting
  • Property investment: asset positioning, price recommendation, targeted worldwide access to investors selected according to their respective strategy, end-to-end execution and process management, risk management and mitigation
  • Debt and equity advice
  • Technical and financial assistance in respect of due diligence
The capital markets team has access to the full expertise of all RODSCHINSON business lines. As such, it is able to offer clients a 360-degree perspective on any real estate asset and its potential worth, including benchmarks for rental values, analysis of building space efficiency and energy performance, technical improvement or maintenance requirements, redevelopment potential, operational expenses and more.

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