Assets Portfolio Valuation

For tenants or owners/investors in the public or private sector, or for the organisations that finance them, independent appraisal of the value of an asset, a company or a property right is a vital step. The issue can arise at every stage of a project: acquisition and disposal; financing; regulatory, accounting and fiscal obligations; dispute between landlord and tenant; strategic and arbitrage analyses; feasibility studies; structuring optimisation and more.

Types of valuation

Valuation of assets and property rights 

  • Market resale value and fair value - Market rental value
  • Value of the tenant's right to a lease, goodwill or eviction indemnity
  • Mortgageable value
  • Transfer Value   

Assets and property rights can be assessed

  • In freehold or considering the ownership subdivided into the ownership itself and the right to use the property or a temporary property right
  • Occupied or Vacant
  • For continued use or change of use.

Valuation of reinstatement and of replacement cost for a property asset

Financial assessment of shares in companies with mainly property interests

Consultancy services

  • Redevelopment feasibility studies: highest and best use value, change of use studies
  • Real estate and financial due diligence, lease audit, benchmarking of rents and operating costs
  • Market outlook and commercial viability research
  • Assessing the attractiveness of potential urban development sites - Financial modelling (business plans)
  • Portfolio analysis: profitability, risks, rating, recommendations
  • Arbitrage studies: acquisition, transfer, leasing, outsourcing (Sale & leaseback)

RODSCHINSON teams are expert in all asset classes: including offices, housing, retail, logistics and light industrial, healthcare (hospitals, clinics and retirement homes), residential homes for seniors and students, land, infrastructure etc.

RODSCHINSON can provide either detailed or summary appraisals, in accordance with industry professional standards, or a basic written opinion.

Rodschinson's experts are constantly listening to your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information on these services.

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