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Rodschinson Investment provides development and management services for real estate transactions and real estate investment worldwide.
Our expertise ranges from project studies to property management of all types of assets. With many years of experience and a large portfolio of global clients, in addition to its professional and committed team, Rodschinson Investment has brought together business know-how and knowledge of the particularities of different markets to offer you a range of services:

Assets Portfolio Valuation

Assets Portfolio Valuation

For tenants or owners/investors in the public or private sector, or for the organisations that finance them, independent appraisal of the value of an asset, a company or a property right is a vital step. The issue can arise at every stage of a project: acquisition and disposal; financing; regulatory, accounting and fiscal obligations; dispute between landlord and tenant; strategic and arbitrage analyses; feasibility studies; structuring optimisation and more.

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International Property Management

For multinational companies the optimization of their assets is of crucial importance. Indeed, as their real estate assets are spread over several countries, it is essential that these companies consider international taxation as a real strategic issue that will inevitably impact their performance.
To do so, it is necessary to play on all fronts since it is necessary to know how to address internal and external stakeholders while ensuring a good flow of information and of course to be up to date with the laws and regulations of the real estate sector. These are therefore complex projects that call for a range of expertise.

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Sales & Leaseback

Sale & leaseback of the property they occupy offers property-owning companies a means to improve their capabilities to finance new businesses and new investments, or simply to improve their balance sheet. Sale & leaseback involves selling off one’s property portfolio while remaining its occupier through a commercial lease.

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Capital Markets

Real estate capital marketers are becoming increasingly diversified. Sales, Acquisitions, Financing and M&A Strategies call for a combination of global vision and comprehensive local expertise, plus a complete understanding and expert knowledge of the sources of capital funding worldwide.

Be they private, institutional or public, investors in search of office, industrial, retail, hotel or residential assets require:

  • A comprehensive vision and understanding of the local, national and international property markets
  • Seamless execution and tight timeline management
  • Optimised return on their investment
  • Full support in all property, financial, legal and fiscal matters
  • Expert structuring of investment vehicles
  • Professional debt and financing advice

RODSCHINSON Capital Markets supports national and international property investors, advising on investment and on disposing of portfolios or single assets, and offering expertise to cover both the property side of the equation and the financing and structuring side. RODSCHINSON services include:
  • Market analysis
  • Investment strategies: portfolio analysis, arbitrage recommendations, fund positioning and structuring
  • Asset redevelopment consulting
  • Property investment: asset positioning, price recommendation, targeted worldwide access to investors selected according to their respective strategy, end-to-end execution and process management, risk management and mitigation
  • Debt and equity advice
  • Technical and financial assistance in respect of due diligence
The capital markets team has access to the full expertise of all RODSCHINSON business lines. As such, it is able to offer clients a 360-degree perspective on any real estate asset and its potential worth, including benchmarks for rental values, analysis of building space efficiency and energy performance, technical improvement or maintenance requirements, redevelopment potential, operational expenses and more.

Real Estate Strategy

Strategic Consulting

A company's real estate portfolio is a tool to implement its strategy, brings to life its corporate values and is obviously a major financial commitment, with operational and cost optimisation challenges. As such, a bespoke real estate strategy is called for, that is properly aligned both with the company's operational objectives and with its global vision.
RODSCHINSON advises corporate clients on the full range of issues relating to real estate strategy, to position, optimise or manage efficiently their operational real estate portfolio (offices, retail, logistics or alternative assets).

RODSCHINSON strategic consulting services include:

    • Real estate policy: definition of the role of real estate, and of how it is expected to contribute to the deployment of the global corporate strategy; positioning in respect of challenges related to finance, resources, brand, image and culture.
    • Real estate master plan: creation of a decision-making framework for aligning a client’s property strategy with its long-term corporate strategy. 
    • Location analytics: multi criteria geographic analysis to present a client with a shortlist of recommended location opportunities that match its strategy. This may include an assessment of the employment pool or of the impact on the commute time for staff (for offices), of the catchment area (for retail), or of the impact on the organisation of logistics (for warehouses).
    • Portfolio review: analysis on a local or multi-national level to ensure that territorial coverage, property characteristics and usage are in keeping with the company's business strategy.

With robust methodologies and considerable expertise, RODSCHINSON consultants offer each client a real estate portfolio strategy that is flexible, optimised, tailored and perfectly in line with the client’s corporate culture, the property markets and the new working methods required in the digital workplace.


Throughout the investment cycle, what is known as the value of the underlying property will play a decisive role. In this respect, a real expertise and a meticulous follow-up will help you to see more clearly on issues such as: relations with tenants, financing, arbitration, sale, purchase, structural optimization...

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