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Student housing is now attracting growing interest from investors looking for alternative and secure investments. Because this asset class is located midway between housing, by its use, and the tertiary real estate, by its management operated by specialized operators. It therefore requires a thorough knowledge of both the structural fundamentals of this market and the actors that drive it.
RODSCHINSON's alternative investment team has extensive experience in the entire student housing market. The experts realize the valuation and the expertise of the assets after an in-depth study of the underlying real estate, but also, and especially validate the economic balance of the exploitation:
  • Market study of supply and demand
  • Expertise in rental value and market value
  • Audit of the operators' business plans: balance of normative ratios, EBITDA, share of rent on the turnover, number of FTEs ...
  • Realization of market studies
  • Operators audit

RODSCHINSON's investment consultants support their clients in their plans to buy or sell these alternative assets through:
  • Bulk sale in Future State of Completion or sale of existing assets
  • Operator search and assistance in negotiation
RODSCHINSON supports many investors in their development strategies regarding alternative investments. The experience of its consultants involves both in-depth knowledge of stakeholders, developers, investors and operators, as well as a precise analysis of normative ratios in the sector.

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