The Food & Beverages sector has been undergoing rapid changes in the recent years, evolving at a rate never witnessed before. In fact, the F&B companies are confronting new challenges ranging from changing consumer demands and preferences, health issues, the increasing cost of raw materials, rising regulatory constraints, intense pressure from shareholders and news distribution channels and the emergence of new technology. That said, these companies have become compelled to adapt and reassess their business models and strategies and to seek operational excellence. Rodschinson Investment prides its capacity to provide advisory services to businesses across the entire supply chain that is from “farm to fork”. Our advisors have unparalleled connections and relationships in the F&B industry, bringing as such strong knowledge and expertise.
At Rodschinson, we have a proven track record and experience with F&B clients including restaurants, bars, catering, casual dining and hotels, underlining our capacity to execute a first-class job. We understand our client’s business, market and ambitions. Our clients can rely on our experience to help them develop the best strategy to succeed in their endeavors. Our team of experts regularly enhance and refresh their knowledge by visiting clients on-site and by constantly attending industry events across the globe to stay updated with the sector trends. Our services encompass advisory services including regulatory, business consulting, debt structuring and corporate finance, taxation, audit comprising statutory and non-statutory audits and corporate governance.

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