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Want to discover how the art of excellence creates an exceptional buying or selling experience? By putting the customer at the heart of our concerns, we ensure that the real estate transaction is a positive and exciting experience.
For all types of assets: commercial, industrial, hotel and more, Rodschinson has the expertise and exhaustive knowledge combined with the desire to satisfy you, allowing you to complete the transaction in complete fluidity and security.

Rod Transport

Transportation and logistics companies are concerned with the movement of humans, animals and goods from one place to another. Transport companies must actively adapt their strategies to the changing economic environment as result of globalization, the liberalization of markets, the changes in consumer’s preferences and the changes in stakeholders' interests including new technologies, societal and environmental matters. Modes of transport consist of air, land including rail and road, water, cable, pipeline and space.

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Rod Sport Spaces

Rodschinson Sports Facilities Advisory was established to help its clients attain their vision for success. At Rodschinson we have a multi-disciplinary experienced team of highly skilled consultants in all business aspects from audit, tax, recovery, project finance and corporate finance advisory. No matter what the client’s needs are, we can provide the right assistance; whether it is a recreational sports facility, a multi-faceted sports and recreation center, family oriented sports park, league and sports events center, sports themed social or entertainment center, a gym, a track field and football stadium, indoor arenas, swimming pools or a tennis court.

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Rod Seniors


RODSCHINSON SENIOR: optimize your real estate or activity related to Seniors housing

RODSCHINSON SENIOR puts its independence and its skills at the service of its clients, shareholders, investors, promoters and financial institutions.
RODSCHINSON's multi-product offer is based on the expertise of its multidisciplinary and specialized teams.

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Rod Medical Estate


RODSCHINSON HEALTHCARE: optimizing your real estate or health-related activity

RODSCHINSON HEALTHCARE places its independence and expertise at the service of its operating customers, shareholders, investors, promoters and financial institutions.
Whether for a hospital, medical center, clinic or pharmacy, RODSCHINSON's multi-product offer is based on the expertise of its multidisciplinary and specialized teams.

doctor, medical office

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Rod Retail

Commercial real estate: points of sale in town or in the periphery, shopping centers

Location is at the heart of any retailer's strategy, and is a key factor for an investor. Every client needs tailored advice to help identify the location that best suits their needs, taking into account all the challenges of a retail development or restructuring plan for a retailer, of drawing up a merchandising and marketing plan for a property developer or of the opportunities to create value for an investor.

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Rod CapMarkets




As an asset, housing is in a class of its own, offering low volatility in returns, a pooling of the rental risk and good liquidity on the resale of buildings – either as a block or in lots.
However, residential property is also subject to a tight regulatory leasing, investment and urban planning framework (rent controls, tenants' rights, social housing requirements, pre-emption risk etc.), that must be taken into account when considering an investment.

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