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CORONA Impact: E-grocers & Dataservices reach new heights but labor shortage and social distancing already cost productivity

ReportLinker lowered by 10-15% the estimated market size of the global logistics and transport industry for 2021 after considering the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, namely the scarcity of labour and coronavirus testing kits. Unlike the 2008 global economic crisis which lowered demand, the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a supply shock to international markets. Asia Pacific will command the largest chunk of the market. FMCG will be the most transported commodity

Transport in general and last mile logistics in particular face workforce shortage, while capacity issues plague the global air cargo and maritime transport segments. More globalized than before, manufacturing is unable to source raw materials and dispatch finished goods. E-grocers and online retailers have witnessed an order surge while those transporting non-essentials are losing out. Walmart stock prices show an upward trend since March 2020. DHL stock tanked from January before picking up slightly since March 2020. Geographical proximity to end user and shortening of supply chains can influence decisions related to real estate and M&As. 

TECHWATCH :Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality in Construction & Architecture

People believe something when they see it. Visualization is powerful tool and that is precisely what VR and AR deliver. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) coupled with 360-degree cameras and mixed reality allow people to digitally feel a space in three dimensions before modifying it, something that saves time, effort, and money for all the stakeholders. For example, VR can create a simulated environment that is large enough for the user to walk through. AR takes this further by enabling users to virtually view where, for example, wardrobes will be located after renovation of the space.

Belgium Creates History by 3D printing the 1st multifloor House in a single piece

The 3D Printing fairy tale is coming alive – in brick, mortar, and concrete! Belgium just made history by 3D printing a two-storey house completely on-site – the first such successful endeavour. Cheap houses for everyone may be just round the corner, for 3D printing is no longer limited to sci-fi movies. Developments elsewhere also suggest a rapid forward march for the technology.

Regulatory Differences for Commercial Real Estate across Europe

COVID-19, BREXIT, and LIBOR discontinuation. Add technology, ageing population, urbanisation, and sustainability to the list and the full picture of forces shaping the European commercial real estate becomes clearer. Here is a brief on how these factors are changing the regulations of the game.

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