Surveys & Information

Surveys and information are generally the most accurate processes for engaging in international business, especially for Customised Operational Market Researche and Production Outsourcing and sub-contracting projects.

Assess the China or other emerging market with our Customised Market Research.

We provide the timely market intelligence you need to explore China and other countries’ different regional markets. Different from a Standard Market Research, we provide you with customised, individualised information on most countries’ markets. You may design your own research with customised questions or build it from the following menu of standard questions :


Identification of both local and foreign competitive technologies, products or services, and suppliers/producers of your product or service in the market.

Market Entry and Regulatory Issues

Information on duties, taxes, quotas, non-tariff barriers and local trade regulations which may affect the marketing of your product or service.

Market Size

Information on market size/demand for your product or service including import/export statistics, local production, and imports.

Market Trends

Evaluation of market potential for your product or service based on general market trends, industry sources, and import statistics. The report includes expected significant developments likely to have an impact on market prospects, such as major new investments or projects, government programs, policy changes and new legislation.

Applicable standards and Product registration

Information on standards and required registration procedures related to your products.

Product Viability

Research on whether or not there is interest in your product or service in China or another country in the world.

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