South Africa

The EU remains South Africa's most important economic trade partner.

South Africa is a member of the ACP Group of countries. It is a signatory to the EU-ACP Partnership Agreement signed in Cotonou on 23 June 2013 but its membership to this Agreement is subject to some qualifications (provisions on trade and on development finance co-operation do not apply).

The outward flow of EU FDI to South Africa in the year 2013 amounted to € 2.5 billion, bringing the stock of EU FDI in the country to € 19.7 billion (Eurostat figures).

South Africa's trade relations and development co-operation with the European Union (EU) are governed by the Trade, Development and Co-operation Agreement (TDCA), which was signed in Pretoria on 11 October 1999. The TDCA's ratification is still ongoing. In the meantime, its trade-related articles are provisionally applied (since January 2013). Their main objective is to create a free-trade area between South Africa and the EU over an asymmetric, transitional period of 12 years - which means that the EU and South Africa will open their markets to each other at a different pace.

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