Seller Representation

The representation of a company and its shareholders, in the sale of that company, is the primary focus of Rodschinson Acquisition activities.

Our partners typically advise clients who have not yet held discussions with potential acquirers, in an effort to develop and later execute a selling strategy. Rodschinson Acquisition may also be retained after a company has been approached by a potential acquirer. We seek to maximize the potential offer or find competing bids. For each selling client, the goal is to create the most appropriate transaction structure and maximize a client's after-tax return.

Seller Representation Services may include:

  • Advice on sale versus other alternatives (such as selling a partial interest)
  • Preparation of a preliminary valuation of the Business as a going concern
  • Preparation of a thorough, confidential memorandum which best presents the prospects and opportunities offered by the Business to the potential purchaser
  • Identification and communication, on a strictly confidential basis, with obvious and emerging purchasers
  • Negotiation and structuring of a transaction to maximize the Seller's price and terms
  • Working closely with the client's lawyers and accountants to anticipate and avoid potential problems andsmooth the path to closing.

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