Risks & Opportunities

Sourcing & preselection of suppliers is of high importance when :

  • Your current supplier(s) cannot meet your volume, quality or delivery requirements
  • You could not yet identify one or several suitable supplier(s) for a specific product
  • You need to lower your purchase price level to stay competitive in your market

These few facts would probably help you fully give a comprehensive understanding of this proposed services:

Most remote searches for factories in China or elsewhere lead to unreliable results because very few of these factories are actually registered in available factory listings.

Many internet-listed factories display mostly outsourced products in their catalogues. They do not control most aspects of the production they advertise for, nor do they control the final quality control and shipping schedules.

Many factories are only represented by outsourced sales offices who can answer your questions in English but who sell your contacts to various trading third-parties who provide assembly services only.

Considering that your packaging requests might be of equal importance to your customers, finding out how much of the production is integrated or subcontracted merits serious attention.

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