Powerful Network

At Rodschinson, we believe that we need to be truly local and expert.

We believe that an office is truly local when it is near to its clients. This requires a widespread network of offices, large or small in function of business volume, in all regions of a nation’s territory. We also believe a professional is truly expert only when he focuses on a single and unique expertise.

Most investment firms work within an international structure where all services are concentrated in a major city. Working in this centralised office, a professional will have many different areas of expertise, preventing him from being truly local and from developing excellent capabilities in a specific expertise.

Widespread independent Partner offices and unique expertise

At Rodschinson Investment Group, we rely on an exceptional and outstanding network of independent national offices widespread throughout particular countries and specialising in a unique service with the brightest professionals.

The national character and the focus on a unique expertise are the hallmarks of a fundamental quality of service in terms of skills, resources and knowledge of the local market, near to all clients and investment opportunities.

Highly Integrated National and International Communication Policy and System

We avoid a complicated hierarchical structure thanks to a highly integrated communication policy and system linking all of our independent national offices. All independent offices thus can exploit a cross-over of national, international and multi-expertise partners.

In this way, Rodschinson Investment Group relies on an unrivalled resource based on an exceptional and widespread network in all markets around the globe.

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