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Rodschinson Investment Group is a global firm specialized in merger an acquisitions of companies and real estate that rely on independent partners working in their names and that provides a wide range of services worldwide to a substantial and diversified client base that includes small- and mid-sized businesses, as well as large corporations, investment banks, pension funds, hedge funds and high net-worth individuals.

Global Presence

The firm is headquartered in Brussels, capital of the European Union and hub of a financial road leading to London, Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfort. Our regional headquarters are based in New York (North and Latin America), Dubai (Middle-East-Africa) and Hong Kong (Asia). A special headquarters based in Shanghai serves the Chinese market.

Our firm relies on an exceptional and widespread network of independent specialised offices located throughout all major countries on five continents.

Rodschinson s’ business is expanding around the world, as global markets become ever more tightly linked by technology, by breaking down of regulatory barriers, and by the increasingly global needs of our clients.

We bring together organisations that are extraordinary as stand-alone entities, but combined these organisations comprise an network that is virtually unmatched in the breadth and depth of resources available to serve you.

We help you to grow

We are committed to growing our distinctive Culture and holding to our core values which always place our client's interests first. These values are reflected in our business principles, which emphasise integrity, commitment to excellence and innovation.

Our distinctive corporate Culture enables us to successfully execute a winning business strategy that results in extraordinary client service and superior long-term financial performance.

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