Negotiation & Office Set-Up

We help you in this case to:

  • Make the right choices for your office set-up
  • Identify Commercial or Industrial partners
  • Negotiate with the Chinese or local administration

Open an Office

We advise on which type of structure you might choose for your set-up in a country according to your goals, organisation, budget, location, and expectations of activity. The 3 main types of foreign companies can be:

  • Representative Offices (RO)
  • Contractual or Equity Joint-Ventures (JV)
  • Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE)

We provide you with full legal business registration and licensing of your activity. In addition, we are also able to help you with :

  • Accounting, audits and reporting services
  • Local staff search and recruitment

Commercial and Industrial Partnerships

We deliver tailored services to establish a joint-venture involving manufacturing or assembly activity or to set up a close partnership with a local business agent for importation and distribution of your products.

We search, select and meet some potential local business partners and provide you with a full report of their business expertise, financial background and network so that you can focus further negotiations.

Negotiation with Local Administrations

We bring you our contacts and experience in spot negotiations with the local administrations and authorities to save time and expense:

  • Project management
  • Licence extension/application
  • Negotiation with local customs and tax authorities
  • Negotiation with the Administration of Commerce

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