EU-Morocco trade is rapidly assuming new dimensions. Between 1993 and 2013, trade volumes grew by over 80%, with EU imports from Morocco nearly doubling. EU exports to Morocco also increased significantly. With a total trade with the EU of €15.7 billion in 2013, Morocco ranked as the EU’s 28th trading partner.

The EU is Morocco's first trading partner. In 2013, 65% of Morocco's imports (€9.6 billion) comes from the EU, while 70% of Moroccan exports (€6 billion) goes to the EU. Morocco’s trade deficit with the EU accounts for €3.6 billion.

Morocco's economy is still relatively dependant on trade in textiles and agricultural products, which together accounted for 62% of EU imports from Morocco, in 2013.

In 2013, services accounted for 53.5% of Moroccan GDP, with an average annual growth in the sector of 3.4%. The total trade in services between the EU and Morocco has increased significantly since the mid-1990s. The EU has had a negative balance vis-à-vis Morocco since 1991. In 2013, EU service imports from Morocco totalled €2.2 billion, mainly in the shape of tourism (53%), transport (28%) and financial and communication services (19%). EU service exports were €1.32 billion, mainly in business and transport services.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The EU is the major foreign investor in Morocco, followed by the US. EU FDI in Morocco in 2013 was €0.7 billion, adding to total EU outward stocks in Morocco of €3.6 billion (€1.7 billion in 2013).

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