Logistic Solutions

We deliver services for Selection and Evaluation and follow-up of Logistics providers and Set up import/export delivery solutions in China and worldwide.

Selection, Evaluation and Follow-up of Logistics Providers

There are numerous domestic and international logistics service providers in China and worldwide, specialising in air, sea or domestic transportation services only in certain areas. The network advantage of a large transportation service company may not be flexible enough while a smaller provider may lack the resources and tools to gain maximum efficiency.

A logistics chain is composed of numerous actors. It should be built as a very secure network from production unit to delivery warehouse. You may select the most suitable providers according to the locations and projects involved. Given your requirements in terms of type of products, origin/destination and transportation mode, we have the knowledge and experience to help you to:

  • Select Freight forwarders / warehouses / consolidators
  • Organise bids, Negotiate contracts and service terms
  • Prepare your importation projects for your industrial equipment and production tools
  • Implement and control dedicated follow-up and traceability tools

Set up Import/Export delivery solutions

China, India, Brazil and many other emerging markets give the mainframe of an opening policy that allows more and more foreign investments in all fields.

So as to benefit from lower storage, consolidation and related charges, more and more Western importers and exporters relocate their logistics center partially or totally to Asia or China. To realise these savings with a minimum impact on overall company organisation, we bring you our experience and knowledge to:

  • Organise your seller's consolidation in case you have several suppliers in the same shipping area
  • Organise the safest and most cost-effective delivery processes to your customers
  • Optimise delivery and shipping lead time and costs
  • Set up the relevant coordination, information and control tools

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