Global Trade Solutions

Rodschinson provides unrivalled global brokerage services for our customers and trading services in commodities, consumer goods and industrial products for our private investors around the world.

We provide one of the leading trading services to companies willing to boost their business by exporting or importing products globally.

Our International presence, especially in Emerging Economies, give us the opportunity for immediate action. Our bright and experienced international business professionals, with truly extensive knowledge of local business practice and cultural codes, will assist you at every step of your business process.

The complimentarity of our widespread network of talented traders and brokers, with administrative and production sites worldwide, allows us to cover all aspects of trade.

Rodschinson assure an outstanding business development of small, mid-sized and large suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, global retail distribution and trade companies by providing a panel of services through partnership, joint-venture, technology transfer, office set-up or subsidiaries and one-shot clients.

If you would like to Buy or Sale a product, we can help you with one or all of the following steps :

  • Sourcing your Product
  • Risks and opportunities on sourcing
  • Negotiation and office-up
  • Surveys & information
  • Logistics solutions
  • Product Expertise

Please Contact us to inquire about our Global Trade Solutions.

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